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THE DIRT – the buzz around town 

boston is buzzzzzzzzing about the recently unveiled “teaser” trailer for the upcoming sex & the city feature film (to be released in may) … now honestly, it’s pretty weak and tells us pretty much squat … although, there are rumors that the “teaser” trailer is teasing us with shots of carrie prancing around in a what could be – a wedding gown?? whoa. 

and sarah jessica parker leads the trailer with “people say nothing lasts forever, dreams change…trends come and go. but friendship never goes out of style.” hmmmmm…

all we can say here at the society is check it out for yourselves, but we’re thinking this upcoming big screen adaptation just may ruin our sense of “closure” that resulted from the fabulous (and smart!) ending to the series.  yes, charlotte and miranda ended up marrying, but there was something so smart and empowering about how carrie and samantha found love without staying within the conventional ideas of what love should be.

check out the trailer and tell us what you think! xo

Are you being “carried-away” by the Sex & the City trailer?

1) I’m carried away! can’t wait.
2) Feet firmly planted … can’t beat the series!
3) ummm, no idea.


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