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one of my professors in college completely over-used the quote “keep it simple, stupid!” when you keep things simple, it’s easier to do them right.  that’s the approach locally born francesca mills has taken with her latest line of girly sweaters, dupret cashmere.

a girl after my own heart, mills spent her summers in newport growing up and has applied the town’s nautical theme to her new line of knits.  mills tapped isabel dupre (both currently work at elle magazine) to help create the line, which as of right now consists of only 3 very simple designs. all three are a luscious, featherweight silk and cashmere piece with sailboat and anchor intarsia:

– long and lean boat-neck sweater

– racer-back tank

– cropped cardi

what’s so awesome about this line? it’s as simple as can be and each piece layers smoothly over and under your old-time favorites.  now, there’s nothing stupid about that!

buy at: Dress or online dupretcashmere.com



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