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THE DIRT – the buzz around town

so to all those non-believers out there that girls and guys alike love a little gossip … THE real-deal and official gossip girl, blake lively, who plays serena van der woodsen on the cw’s drama (which, of course inspired our fabulous blog) told the ap today that her fan base never ceases to surprise her because they are a far cry from stereotypical gossip consumers. 

one day these thuggish guys were coming out, well rolling out of their Escalade, and they go ‘man, that’s gossip girl!’ ” she said. “And they were freaking out. It was so strange how many people  just get giddy over it. And it’s people that you would not expect at all.

see boys (cough, cough … hopkins.) … don’t be shy … it’s okay to add BGS to your favorites and your del.icio.us tags … everyone else is doing it.  xo

blake lively as gossip girl


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