THE DIRT – the buzz around town

so last week we asked boston who they thought was the hottest red sox player from this year’s team (ellsbury! nice work) … and in that poll, i joked “ladies … i know each of you formed your opinion on this juicy topic at some point during this past season.  i mean, how could you not when you have the team stripping down to their skivies and doing the jig after every win?” … well funny thing, those skivies i was referring to … the actual ones the boys wore during the games … are up for purchase! first reaction? sweet! second reaction? ewwwwwwwww.

according to the track girls at the herald, phil castinetti of sportsworld in saugus has gotten his mitts on a rather large collection of all-star undies and he’s selling them on ebay

the perfect “gift-that-keeps-on-giving” for the red sox nation guys in your life? ah, i’m thinking not. bidding on manny’s underpants started at a kind of pathetic $9.99, and as of yesterday, there were no takers.  ummmmm, perhaps it’s the description of the item that states “they show great game use.” double ew.  last week, you could even find mike lowell‘s (3rd sexiest according to our poll!) jock strap up for grabs until ebay pulled it down for being “adult-oriented material.” triple eww.

and, there’s more spandex to come including our dancing closer (and fifth sexiest!) jonathan papelbon’s stretchy skivies, which – you might recall – got quite a workout the night the team clinched the al east!

so, moral of the story? while we might enjoy watching the boys dance around in their  spandex … we’re thinking actually owning a pair of the uncleaned undies is a tad-bit … um, gross. 

Papelbon dancing in his skivies


SOCIETY POLL – we’re searching for the best boston holiday photo out there!

and when we say best, we mean the most hilarious, unique and classic! … send us those hysterical photos of what’s going on around town and how bostonians are celebrating the holidays (you all know you have some!). 

how to submit? easy as fruit-cake! just send us an email at BGStips@gmail.com. we’ll share your submissions with society readers on bostonian gossip society from now through the new year and crown a winner in the beginning of January.  

don’t be shy! here are a few to get you started:

boston-bruins-at-the-childrens-hospital.jpg   boston bruins @ the children’s hospital

csn-sweater-party4.jpg   some bostonians celebrate with a “classic holiday sweater party”

holiday-skating-on-the-frog-pond.jpg  families at the common’s frog pond


THE DIRT – the buzz around town     lindsay-condron-swimwear-designer-photo.jpg

so for the past several months, i’ve been hearing about a new, fresh face to the local designer scene.  the reason why she stuck in my head was because she designs swimsuits (and we all know how hard it is to find a good swimsuit) and she was just soooooo boston and so my style – accents of the cape and nantucket, ultra-preppy and oh-so “kennedy.”   although, the designer’s name was just not resonating with me – lindsay condron, lindsay condron …. nope, never heard of her! so i looked her up online and read her bio … and ta-da! this fabulous new-comer is my old friend and sorority sister from college, lindsay burt, now married and living in boston! how could we resist telling the society about her?

lindsay has gone from growing up on the beaches of the cape to being one of the hottest, young designers in boston.  why? because she’s found a way to magically mix her love of clambakes, boat races and nantucket reds with her inner rebel (trust me, society … this is a girl who can hold her own out on the town! … in a fab way, of course).  “i loved the preppy prints and summer dresses, but there wasn’t enough edge, so i would always mix things up by pairing my bright polo shirts and turtle necks with fun, fluttery mini skirts,” she admits.

you absolutely have to check her swimsuits out … our favorites? rebel with a cause, party magnet and knotty in nantucket.  i know, i know … in the midst of all this holiday indulging, who wants to think about fitting into a swimsuit? our advice? snag these suits before the whole city does …. and just in time for your hot tubbing in vermont! 

lindsay-condron-swimsuit.jpg     lindsay-condron-swimsuit-rebel.jpg    lindsay-condron-swimsuit-knotty.jpg


BGS’S BEST OF BOSTON holiday-style

’tis the season … to entertain, celebrate, indulge.  and, if you’re looking to spend some time entertaining, celebrating or indulging in boston proper, the society’s here to help.  we’ve only been up and running for a few weeks now, but between 1) tips being submitted by society readers and 2) comments and ideas from society contributers, we managed to pull together a great little “hot-list” for the best in boston this holiday season

getting ready (aka. “groomed”) for the holidays

best nails: my nail salon (huntington & w. newton st.)

best hair: blu salon (newbury st.)

– best get-a-dress-that-will-knock-their-socks-off: jasminesola (newbury st.)

impressing the in-laws

best brunch: tremont 647 (tremont st.)

best window-shopping: charles st. (beacon hill)

best coffee joint: south end buttery (shawmut)

playing host

best wine: federal wine & spirits (state st.)

best cheese/prepared foods: formaggio (shawmut)

best gourmet goodies: flour (washington st.)


best atmosphere: toro (washington st.)

best live music: beehive (clarendon & tremont)

best sushi: haru (huntington ave.)

seasonal activities

best shopping: natick collection (natick, ma)

best boutiques: tie! charles st (beacon hill) & tremont and shawmut (south end)

best skating: frog pond (boston common)

best lights: beacon hill

best holiday “stuff”: aunt sadies (union park st.)

the aftermath (aka. re-couping)

best massage: emerge (newbury st.) *ask for gidget!

best yoga: south end yoga (shawmut)

… happy holidays, society!

SOCIETY POLL –  we asked and you answered … overwhelmingly at that! nice work society. ellsbury, pedroia and lowell are officially the sexiest red sox players of the year.  the ballots are in and here they are:

1 – Jacoby Ellsbury (winner!)

2 – Dustin Pedroia

3 – Mike Lowell

4 – Josh Beckett 

5 – Jonathan Papelbon

6 – JD Drew

7 – Manny Ramirez (sorry manny … we still love you.)

thanks for voting, society.  stay tuned for the next society vote! xo


THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s dining scene

the boston dining scene has truly benefited from no. 9 park’s barbara lynch.  in the past few years, lynch has created not one but two truly unique restaurant concepts that many say “boston wasn’t ready for.” well blah blah blah … we were ready and we love her. b&g oysters and butcher shop on tremont st. are two boston restaurants you cannot afford to miss out on. the key? locally grown products …. meat, oysters, wine especially.

these are places where – if you get a table (like franklin, they’re tiny) you can sit and drink and dine all night long. the food and wine is that good and the atmosphere is unlike anywhere else.

if you’re lucky enough to catch a night when lynch is behind the bar or grill herself, introduce yourself….you’ll be in for an intersesting conversation. she may even have her little one there…she recently gave birth to her first.  three restaurants and a little one … good grief, woman. when do you sleep?

THE DIRT – the buzz around town

people magazine recently named our locally grown super star, matt damon, the ‘sexiest man alive‘ (well deserved and not surprising!).  what i do find kind-of juicy about this news is damon’s reaction to the honor.  according to people, in his stammering and slightly nervous q&a he managed to reveal a bit of a man crush on another one of our local boys, tom brady.  i’m talking full blown school-boy crush: 

damon tells people “[tom]’s like a taller, better-looking version of me. plus, he’s the best quarterback in the history of football. plus, he does terrific work in africa. plus, he might be the most genuine kind person in the public eye. plus, he dates gisele bundchen, who, needless to say, looks almost as hot as my wife in victoria’s secret.”

plus! (jk), people asked affleck about his boyhood buddy’s honor, and he adds “of course, a lot of guys in the neighborhood used to poke fun at matty “spark plug” when he would ride around on his huffy telling some of the littler kids that he was really sexy and only getting sexier…”

awww … matty sparkplug hearts tom brady! watch out gisele.

matt damon narrates 2007 world series film premiered in boston    tom-brady-eats-at-rocca-in-boston.jpg    tom-brady-gisele.jpg