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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s foodie scene

society, get ready to get your grub on.  boston recently underwent an infusion of new restaurant openings … here’s a list of the new-comers and a bit of dirt on each:

Clink: 215 charles St. (liberty hotel), small plates – “Atmosphere is trendy/sophisticated. Some patrons were dressed up, but most wore jeans with a dressier shirt, girls in heels, guys in button-downs. Drinks were high priced–$14 and more for a 3 ingredient cocktail, but they were well made, and original. Great date place, or casual/fun night with friends.”

Da Vinci Ristorante: 162 Columbus Ave, Italian – “Too high in price for the quality of food.

Kingston Station: 25 Kingston St, American bistro – “Kingston Station has the feel of a classic European railway station, with vintage white tiles, mismatched tables and chairs, and a small café in front. The casual atmosphere suits the American bistro fare served within. Popular items include beef carpaccio salad, steak frites, veal milanese, and truffle fries.”

Haru: 55 Huntington Ave., Japanese and sushi – “Haru is a modern Japanese restaurant known for its ample portions and striking design, serving inventive Japanese cuisine ranging from sushi and sashimi to creative salads and signature dishes like carpaccios, ceviches, tartares, filet mignon, grilled spicy shrimp and specialty rolls.”

La Voile Cannes: 261 Newbury St, French Mediterranean – “As of late October ’07, La Voile was a new addition to the Newbury St epicurean scene presenting an alternative to the limited French establishments in the area.  What’s to like about La Voile? For starters, the interior – the basement of the Newbury Guest House – is modern but classically elegant.  The food is high quality although not extraordinarily expensive.”

Myers + Chang: 1145 Washington St., Asian cuisine – “The diner-like atmosphere of Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang’s latest endeavor has a hip but unpretentious vibe that permeates the entire production. Chinese favorites, with Thai and Vietnamese specialties thrown in for good measure, are served from the open kitchen in “tasting” portions to the beats of the latest indie hits.

Saray: 1098 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, Turkish – “The decor is elegant and simple, with tablecloths and cloth napkins, a two-tone wall treatment in ocher and pale brick, and Art Deco style sconces.  The menu isn’t quite as extensive as the Family Restaurant in Brookline Village, but offers soups, salads, a range of hot and cold appetizers, seafood dishes, a variety of kebabs, and a number of other entrees. They don’t serve liquor.”

STIX: 35 Stanhope St., skewers – “Sharing ownership with the neighboring 33 Restaurant, Stix also shares a similarly colorful, stylish decor. More than a dozen flavor-infused “stix” are offered, from seared scallops on ginger-mango stix to grilled steak on honey-bourbon stix. The rest of the multi-ethnic menu consists of small (beet salad, caramelized shallot and pear tart) and large (slow-roasted salmon, pan-seared chicken) plates, all of which are perfect for sharing.”

Vlora: 545 Boylston St, Mediterranean fare – “A focus on authentic Mediterranean cuisine–from Italy, Greece, and Albania–makes this restaurant a healthy and affordable alternative in the Back Bay. Named for the chef’s hometown, Vlora embodies a minimalist approach to cooking with an emphasis on taste and fresh ingredients. The extensive and reasonably priced wine list offers something for everyone. A cozy, European atmosphere enhances the dining experience.


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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s dining scene

the boston dining scene has truly benefited from no. 9 park’s barbara lynch.  in the past few years, lynch has created not one but two truly unique restaurant concepts that many say “boston wasn’t ready for.” well blah blah blah … we were ready and we love her. b&g oysters and butcher shop on tremont st. are two boston restaurants you cannot afford to miss out on. the key? locally grown products …. meat, oysters, wine especially.

these are places where – if you get a table (like franklin, they’re tiny) you can sit and drink and dine all night long. the food and wine is that good and the atmosphere is unlike anywhere else.

if you’re lucky enough to catch a night when lynch is behind the bar or grill herself, introduce yourself….you’ll be in for an intersesting conversation. she may even have her little one there…she recently gave birth to her first.  three restaurants and a little one … good grief, woman. when do you sleep?

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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s foodie scene

so, this is not new news … but i just couldn’t imagine hosting a blog that talks about the boston restaurant scene without showcasing franklin cafe.  franklin has been covered by all of the boston media (see chronicle’s video feature below) and almost everyone i know has eaten here at one time or another, but for those reading this who have not – YOU HAVE TO GO.  this is one restaurant that is truly a neighborhood restaurant that keeps you coming back.

nestled into the brownstones on shawmut ave., this absolutely tiny 50 seat restaurant has what i call the ‘ever-changing menu.’ owners, david debois and maureen mcLaughlin, make sure that the menu continues to reflect Boston’s constantly changing and growing “cosmopolitan sense of self.”

my promise? you’re going to be hooked.  chances are you’ll see me and my guy there (in fact, i swear we are in the background of at least 2-3 of the shots in the chronicle segment below).

franklin cafe, 278 shawmut ave, boston, ma www.franklincafe.com

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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s foodie scene

one of my absolute favorite things about this time of year is how special ‘seasonal’ treats begin to appear on all of our favorite menus … eggnog lattes, gingerbread pancakes … yum! but what i really dig? the delish (don’t you just hate this horrendous word coined by the horrible rachel ray?) temporary additions to the martini menus

if you’re feeling ambitious and know your way around a kitchen … here are a few ‘delish’ (sorry!) holiday drinks straight from a few of boston’s best menus that you can stir up at home:

district‘s mistle toe martini
1 1/4 oz vodka
3 fresh strawberries
2 oz pineapple juice
1 oz simple syrup
splash 7-up
mint sprig for garnish

in a blender, whip together ingredients. pour mix into shaker with ice. strain into martini glass and garnish with mint.

belle de jour martini from eastern standard

1/2 oz. brandy vsop
1/2 oz. benedictine
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz. grenadine
3 oz. sparkling wine (such as cava brut)

combine ingredients over ice and shake just once or twice to mix the ingredients with a touch of melted ice water. strain into a champagne flute and top with 3 ounces of sparkling wine. garnish with a twist of lemon peel. 

the district‘s candy cane martini

2 oz. vodka
1 oz. peppermint schnapps
1 oz. white creme de cacao

combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. shake well and strain into martini glass. coat the rim of martini glass with crushed candy cane and serve with a candy-cane stirrer (see below).

and for all martinis, add a spun sugar stirrer from l’espalier

sugar straw
1 kg sugar
600 g water
150 g glucose

boil the sugar, water, and glucose together until it reaches 160 degree on a candy thermometer. pour the sugar liquid onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
cool and pull the sugar into the shape of a candy straw.

kevin durgin of district           Jackson Cannon of Eastern Standard

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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s dining scene

if you’re like me — dating a boston guy who becomes OBSESSED with football every sunday — you’re probably dying for some good dish on alternative-non football activities for sunday evenings.  here’s a simply fabulous one … the south end’s newest addition to the scene – rocca, an italian eatery who’s menu is inspired by cuisine from liguria, the italian riviera – is beginning their sunday suppers tonight. 

for $22 you get two courses plus a dessert … for example, next week (12/9) they’re serving a hearty winter soup with veal meatballs and kale, plus shrimp, scallop, and mussel risotto.  and the following week, the menu features poached eggs with rag pasta, peas, and pancetta, then salt cod cakes with red pepper puree and tapenade.

don’t worry … rocca’s sunday suppers run from 4-9pm, so before your man begins to stamp his feet about missing ‘the game’, reasure him that you’ll have him home in time. 

check it out http://roccaboston.com/events/events.php 

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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s foodie scene

who says new york and la are the only cities with star sightings? with so many celebs among us recently for filming of this and that, i thought you’d find it juicy to know where the stars are eating in beantown so you can “accidentally” bump into them:

capital grille (newbury st.) – ethan hawke, mark ruffalo, donnie wahlberg and amanda peet, and director-screenwriter Brian Goodman

oya (east st.) – Cameron Diaz and James Marsden

j.j. foley’s (kingston st.) – justin timberlake & kate hudson

rocca (harrison st.) – tom brady

boston public (berkeley st.) – tom brady & gisele bundchen

radius (high st.) – u2’s bono, michael douglas & catherine zeta-jones

om (j.f. kennedy st.) – scarlett johansson

abe & louie’s (boylston st.) – kate hudson & andy garcia

don’t forget the camera. you’re sure to snap a pic of brady and gisele smooching over the dinner table. tmz, watch out!

tom-brady-eats-at-rocca-in-boston.jpg           from-peoplecom_kate-hudson.jpg             bono seen at radius in boston           

cameron diaz recently seen at Oya in boston           donnie-wahlberg-recently-seen-at-capital-grille-in-boston.jpg             amanda peet recently seen at capital grille in boston

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THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s foodie scene

i don’t know about you guys, but i’m a dedicated tremont 647 lover.  i mean dedicated. my guy and i are both what you might call ‘beginner foodies’ when it comes to the boston restaurant scene, but one thing we know for sure …. we can’t stop going back to tremont 647.

i recently found a great little q&a with tremont’s chef and owner, andy husbands, by stuff @ night’s heather bouzan.  she reveals where in boston they get the ingredients for their killer menu.  if only i wasn’t kitchen-illiterate.  humpf. 

andy_husbands_tremont_647.jpg Meat/poultry: “John Kinnealey. Good price, and really good, high-quality stuff. They do our grass-fed burger; they do Giannones, which is a free-range chicken, hormone-free.”

Produce: “A. Russo and Sons [Russo’s]. I’ve done business with them for, jeez, maybe 15 years now. They have a lot of local stuff, good quality, and just a good variety. Also, they’re kind of a grocer, so they have great cheeses if you need them. Also, we use Nesenkeag Farms. I talk to the farmers twice a week. We’re using what they have, what’s fresh.”

Bread: “We make most of our own, but Iggy’s rocks. We buy our bagels from there for brunch. Sometimes we buy their focaccia, because it’s just awesome. Like anything, you’ve got to start with good ingredients. And they’re a great company; they’re good people.”

Cheese/dairy: “Formaggio Kitchen, of course. That’s the cheese place, as far as I’m concerned, in Boston. Selection, quality, and just overall good people. I like to do business with people that I enjoy.”

Herbs/spices: “Herbs is Nesenkeag Farm. Also Eva’s Garden. Good, local, fresh. [For spices], Christina’s. We also use Paul Marks, Accardi. They’re awesome. Those are more wholesale, where Christina’s is wholesale and retail. [And] sometimes you’ve got to run down to Chinatown when you’re looking for something really goofy.”

Exotic items: “Accardi and Sons, they’ll get us a lot of stuff. When you’re looking for some good snails, they’re going to be carrying [them].”

Other: “Pat the clam guy. They’re Wellfleet clams, and Pat Woodbury is his name. I’m also a big fan of Louisiana shrimp, so there’s this woman, Kay, I deal with out of Louisiana. Kay Brandhurst sends me an e-mail pretty much every week about what they’re catching. They also have great crab meat. These things are caught this morning and we’ll get them the next day, and they are just fresh and awesome.” 


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