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THE DIRT – the buzz around town

so to all those non-believers out there that girls and guys alike love a little gossip … THE real-deal and official gossip girl, blake lively, who plays serena van der woodsen on the cw’s drama (which, of course inspired our fabulous blog) told the ap today that her fan base never ceases to surprise her because they are a far cry from stereotypical gossip consumers. 

one day these thuggish guys were coming out, well rolling out of their Escalade, and they go ‘man, that’s gossip girl!’ ” she said. “And they were freaking out. It was so strange how many people  just get giddy over it. And it’s people that you would not expect at all.

see boys (cough, cough … hopkins.) … don’t be shy … it’s okay to add BGS to your favorites and your del.icio.us tags … everyone else is doing it.  xo

blake lively as gossip girl


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THE DIRT – the buzz around town

people magazine recently named our locally grown super star, matt damon, the ‘sexiest man alive‘ (well deserved and not surprising!).  what i do find kind-of juicy about this news is damon’s reaction to the honor.  according to people, in his stammering and slightly nervous q&a he managed to reveal a bit of a man crush on another one of our local boys, tom brady.  i’m talking full blown school-boy crush: 

damon tells people “[tom]’s like a taller, better-looking version of me. plus, he’s the best quarterback in the history of football. plus, he does terrific work in africa. plus, he might be the most genuine kind person in the public eye. plus, he dates gisele bundchen, who, needless to say, looks almost as hot as my wife in victoria’s secret.”

plus! (jk), people asked affleck about his boyhood buddy’s honor, and he adds “of course, a lot of guys in the neighborhood used to poke fun at matty “spark plug” when he would ride around on his huffy telling some of the littler kids that he was really sexy and only getting sexier…”

awww … matty sparkplug hearts tom brady! watch out gisele.

matt damon narrates 2007 world series film premiered in boston    tom-brady-eats-at-rocca-in-boston.jpg    tom-brady-gisele.jpg

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Howdy people – it’s your mayor, and I’ve got some dirt about Fenway.  No, I don’t have any updates on the whereabouts of Youkilis’ goatee (which he shaved off for a $5000 donation to his charity youkskids.org). 

What I do want to talk about is the soon-to-be-new face of Landsowne street.  As you may have heard when it was announced this summer, Avalon and Axis, two of Beantown’s best known clubs, have closed their doors to make way for the Lansdowne Street Music Hall. This 35,000 sq-ft. facility boasts seating for 2500, multiple restaurants and even proper dressing rooms for the entertainers.  But does this mean that the days of $15 rock shows behind the Green Monster are gone?  It is yet to be seen which acts this new venue will attract, and the cost of getting in to see them.

My first trip to Avalon was in late 2004 when I went to see the always-entertaining Marilyn Manson.  Having seen him the year before at the Orpheum (hands down THE WORST venue I have ever been to….anywhere), I remember how fun it was to see a big name act at a small venue.  The intimacy that a small venue can create when seeing a band that normally sells out larger venues and arenas is awesome.   The music sounds better, and you always have a good view of the stage.  Let’s hope that the new chapter on live music at Fenway is full of great bands, affordable seats, and maybe even a few rock ‘n roll goatees….

-The Mayor

youkilis shave goatee        avalon closes doors to make room for lansdowne music hall

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THE DETAILS – about the society

coupleawning.jpg  guys are always complaining that girls gossip too much.  well phewy! guys love a good dirt session…especially if it involves “guy” topics. Let me introduce my boston guy, the ‘societymayor‘ … a new contributer to bostonian gossip society.

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