hi society …. if you’re at all like me, you’re always scrambling at the very last second to snag those adorable, oh-so-perfect gifts for all of your fabulous girlfriends.  why? cause affordable and incredibly cute is a hard combo to find.

well, ladies … have no fear, the society is here. we uncovered some of the cutest (and most affordable) last minute girly gifts in boston. check these out:

Belle Fleur candles – with boston all snowy, cold and GROSS, you can treat your galpals to a little mini scent-cation (get it!?). you can find these fragrant beauties at Anthropologie. they come in awesome scents, like “Mayan Tuberose,” “White Orchid Tea,” and “Jasmine Verbena,” and their packaging is adorable!


Sephora gifts – you CANNOT go wrong here. there’s a laundry list of great girly-finds that your pals are sure to adore. Nars Multiple Orgasm (now who wouldn’t want that!?), sephora’s fab lip gloss ring (super cute and actually free if you enter GLOSSRING at checkout on dot.com purchases! hey now…), and great sequin clutches (perf for a night out).

nars-multiple-orgasm.jpg         sephora-lip-gloss-ring.jpg     sephora-sequin-bag.jpg

lil studio – snag a custom (and most of the time, made on the spot) fabric make-up bag, tote or purse. adorable and affordable designs and fabrics.


chanel – i know, you’re thinking “not affordable” but you’re wrong! chanel on newbury has the coolest cocktail rings on sale right now for around $100 a pop.  timeless and classic … make a fab gift!


have a beauty-full holiday!


THE DIRT – the buzz around town

one of my professors in college completely over-used the quote “keep it simple, stupid!” when you keep things simple, it’s easier to do them right.  that’s the approach locally born francesca mills has taken with her latest line of girly sweaters, dupret cashmere.

a girl after my own heart, mills spent her summers in newport growing up and has applied the town’s nautical theme to her new line of knits.  mills tapped isabel dupre (both currently work at elle magazine) to help create the line, which as of right now consists of only 3 very simple designs. all three are a luscious, featherweight silk and cashmere piece with sailboat and anchor intarsia:

– long and lean boat-neck sweater

– racer-back tank

– cropped cardi

what’s so awesome about this line? it’s as simple as can be and each piece layers smoothly over and under your old-time favorites.  now, there’s nothing stupid about that!

buy at: Dress or online dupretcashmere.com


THE DIRT – the buzz around town

ready … set … fight! that’s right, boston … tomorrow, you cannot miss the opportunity to partake in the city’s very first public pillowfight! you heard me right … pillowfight!

banditos misteriosos, an organization of “just-plain-everyday-people-ready-for-fun”, is sponsoring a citywide pillow fight tomorrow (12/15) on the common at 1pm. they’re asking pillowfighters to gather on tremont st. at st. paul episcopal, and according to the globe, here are the “official” rules:

1. Bring a “soft” pillow
2. Only hit those who are holding pillows
3. Arrive early and remain inconspicuous until 1 p.m., then rush in
4. Spread the word and bring your friends!

so snag a pillow and have at it, kids!


THE DISH – the buzz on boston’s foodie scene

society, get ready to get your grub on.  boston recently underwent an infusion of new restaurant openings … here’s a list of the new-comers and a bit of dirt on each:

Clink: 215 charles St. (liberty hotel), small plates – “Atmosphere is trendy/sophisticated. Some patrons were dressed up, but most wore jeans with a dressier shirt, girls in heels, guys in button-downs. Drinks were high priced–$14 and more for a 3 ingredient cocktail, but they were well made, and original. Great date place, or casual/fun night with friends.”

Da Vinci Ristorante: 162 Columbus Ave, Italian – “Too high in price for the quality of food.

Kingston Station: 25 Kingston St, American bistro – “Kingston Station has the feel of a classic European railway station, with vintage white tiles, mismatched tables and chairs, and a small café in front. The casual atmosphere suits the American bistro fare served within. Popular items include beef carpaccio salad, steak frites, veal milanese, and truffle fries.”

Haru: 55 Huntington Ave., Japanese and sushi – “Haru is a modern Japanese restaurant known for its ample portions and striking design, serving inventive Japanese cuisine ranging from sushi and sashimi to creative salads and signature dishes like carpaccios, ceviches, tartares, filet mignon, grilled spicy shrimp and specialty rolls.”

La Voile Cannes: 261 Newbury St, French Mediterranean – “As of late October ’07, La Voile was a new addition to the Newbury St epicurean scene presenting an alternative to the limited French establishments in the area.  What’s to like about La Voile? For starters, the interior – the basement of the Newbury Guest House – is modern but classically elegant.  The food is high quality although not extraordinarily expensive.”

Myers + Chang: 1145 Washington St., Asian cuisine – “The diner-like atmosphere of Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang’s latest endeavor has a hip but unpretentious vibe that permeates the entire production. Chinese favorites, with Thai and Vietnamese specialties thrown in for good measure, are served from the open kitchen in “tasting” portions to the beats of the latest indie hits.

Saray: 1098 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, Turkish – “The decor is elegant and simple, with tablecloths and cloth napkins, a two-tone wall treatment in ocher and pale brick, and Art Deco style sconces.  The menu isn’t quite as extensive as the Family Restaurant in Brookline Village, but offers soups, salads, a range of hot and cold appetizers, seafood dishes, a variety of kebabs, and a number of other entrees. They don’t serve liquor.”

STIX: 35 Stanhope St., skewers – “Sharing ownership with the neighboring 33 Restaurant, Stix also shares a similarly colorful, stylish decor. More than a dozen flavor-infused “stix” are offered, from seared scallops on ginger-mango stix to grilled steak on honey-bourbon stix. The rest of the multi-ethnic menu consists of small (beet salad, caramelized shallot and pear tart) and large (slow-roasted salmon, pan-seared chicken) plates, all of which are perfect for sharing.”

Vlora: 545 Boylston St, Mediterranean fare – “A focus on authentic Mediterranean cuisine–from Italy, Greece, and Albania–makes this restaurant a healthy and affordable alternative in the Back Bay. Named for the chef’s hometown, Vlora embodies a minimalist approach to cooking with an emphasis on taste and fresh ingredients. The extensive and reasonably priced wine list offers something for everyone. A cozy, European atmosphere enhances the dining experience.

THE DIRT – the buzz around town

hot off the presses … boston ladies, it’s official.  we can no longer hope and pray that red sox general manager (and hottie) theo epstein will leave his wife, marie whitney,  for us … why? because he’s married you ask? well, that too.

epstein is now a proud poppa … he and his wife gave birth to the newest member of red sox nation this morning.  little jack (cute!) was born at boston hospital and weighed in at 7 lbs, 14 ounces according to sox spokesman, john blake.

wow, way to take yourself off the market and fast! theo went from hot boston bachelor to hot married guy to hot daddy all in one year. humpf.


THE DIRT – the buzz around town

so to all those non-believers out there that girls and guys alike love a little gossip … THE real-deal and official gossip girl, blake lively, who plays serena van der woodsen on the cw’s drama (which, of course inspired our fabulous blog) told the ap today that her fan base never ceases to surprise her because they are a far cry from stereotypical gossip consumers. 

one day these thuggish guys were coming out, well rolling out of their Escalade, and they go ‘man, that’s gossip girl!’ ” she said. “And they were freaking out. It was so strange how many people  just get giddy over it. And it’s people that you would not expect at all.

see boys (cough, cough … hopkins.) … don’t be shy … it’s okay to add BGS to your favorites and your del.icio.us tags … everyone else is doing it.  xo

blake lively as gossip girl

THE DIRT – the buzz around town 

boston is buzzzzzzzzing about the recently unveiled “teaser” trailer for the upcoming sex & the city feature film (to be released in may) … now honestly, it’s pretty weak and tells us pretty much squat … although, there are rumors that the “teaser” trailer is teasing us with shots of carrie prancing around in a what could be – a wedding gown?? whoa. 

and sarah jessica parker leads the trailer with “people say nothing lasts forever, dreams change…trends come and go. but friendship never goes out of style.” hmmmmm…

all we can say here at the society is check it out for yourselves, but we’re thinking this upcoming big screen adaptation just may ruin our sense of “closure” that resulted from the fabulous (and smart!) ending to the series.  yes, charlotte and miranda ended up marrying, but there was something so smart and empowering about how carrie and samantha found love without staying within the conventional ideas of what love should be.

check out the trailer and tell us what you think! xo

Are you being “carried-away” by the Sex & the City trailer?

1) I’m carried away! can’t wait.
2) Feet firmly planted … can’t beat the series!
3) ummm, no idea.